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Sparklite MOD APK v1.7.105 (Money/Unlocked)

Sparklite MOD APK v1.7.105 (Money/Unlocked)
  • Updated
  • Version 1.7.105
  • Requirements Android 8.0
  • Developer Playdigious
  • Genre Apps
  • Google Play
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Sparklite ,MOD APK, v1.7.105, (Money,/Unlocked),

Sparklite is a real-time action game with an exotic and expansive world setting with various environments, enemies, and secrets within. What’s great about it is its close-knit and vibrant retro graphics, making everything more boisterous and opening up new possibilities in everyone’s entertainment. On top of that, its gameplay is rich in potential on many deceptions, whether it’s combat, puzzles, or adventure for players to enjoy all the quintessence.



Sparklite was developed by Playdigious, famous for its ability to create considerable worlds in its games like Evoland 2, Dead Cells, etc. That will also be realized in this game, as its world is a unique combination of fantasy and steampunk, so its environment and each playfield exudes an attractive beauty. In addition, the connection between locations is significant and inadvertently creates many puzzles to challenge the player’s navigation ability.

The entire world is also divided into the overworld and the playfield, with two wholly conceptualized so that players can go wherever they want. They can travel between biomes or fast to cities via unique methods or vehicles in the overworld. Meanwhile, playfields make everything more detailed, and everyone has to go through countless challenges or obstacles that appear on the way to reach the destination.



The highlight of the gameplay is the ability to automatically evolve any process or difficulty based on the player’s achievements or behavior. Its change is automatic, making it difficult to perceive with the naked eye, but it affects monsters, levels, challenges, and puzzles. The player’s mission will have to complete a glorious journey, solve all secrets, and make friends with trusted teammates on an arduous journey.

Based on everyone’s progress in the main story, new elements like combat mechanics, interactions with the environment, tools, and new allies will gradually unlock. That makes gameplay more vibrant as the player goes deeper into its potential. On top of that, everything has dynamic evolution, and at the same time forces the player to research or understand things to make full use of them in every situation.



Character development in Sparklite is concerned with the physical and emotional side of each cutscene or event in the main plot. Over time, the psychology of the supporting characters or main characters will also change, making the story more stimulating and attractive intoxicatingly. Moreover, they will also unlock many special abilities that help players interact with the environment or solve puzzles creatively.

In contrast to the development of mentality, strength development is entirely complex, and there are many considerations when the player adopts new things. Furthermore, the setting of the world is quite remarkable, so the equipment, items, and enhancements are all special and diverse with their unique styles. Players can comfortably process and mix anything to create the most beautiful experiences when arbitrarily changing the character’s development in positive or negative directions.



The worlds in the game are complex as they contain many locations or small areas surrounded by tricky puzzles. Therefore, map exploration is brought to a new level as players can find secrets or solve environmental puzzles hidden around. It’s also great and refreshing gameplay, as it both trains the ability to solve puzzles or adapts to the pace of the level for the player.

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All areas on Sparklite’s map are well-connected, and they require a variety of mechanics, quests, or special items to unlock new paths. They can help create shortcuts for more straightforward navigation later or open up new secret areas hidden in empty spaces. In addition, people can enjoy moving around the overworld with special vehicles or mechanisms they find in the story.



The game does not have any limits for players to make or customize their style. In other words, the world is theirs, and they can enjoy exploring, fighting in style, and creating ridiculous items with funny effects. It’s all up to the player to decide, making the gameplay replayable to unlock new potentials or secrets that people might otherwise overlook while exploring.

Sparklite prides itself on its unique and groundbreaking development into the role-playing adventure genre. It makes full use of the retro graphic style to enhance the value of the player’s experience. Above all, the development of every character in the plot is always an exciting exploration, including humorous and bustling interactions. Everything inside the gameplay or storyline is timeless and has extensive adaptations to give players new concepts for the genre.

– Intoxicating gameplay with tremendous possibilities and factors.
– Magnificent storyline for players better understand the world secrets and characters’ pasts.
– Hilarious weapon combination with diverse combat styles and interactions.
– Various mini-games throughout the journey to diversify the gameplay to a new level and enrich players’ experiences.
– Grand satisfying environmental puzzles, whether world-exploring or boss-fights.
– Expansive open-world with new hidden factors revealed over time.

Sparklite v1.7.105 APK + MOD (Full Game Unlocked) Download

Try Sparklite for free until the first Titan!

Sparklite is an Action-Adventure roguelite set in a whimsical and ever-changing land.

Gear up for Adventure and battle foes in top-down action using an arsenal of gadgets, guns, and gear. Explore dangerous corners of the procedurally generated world, take down titans of the mining industry, and harness the power Sparklite!

Key Features
Explore the bright and colourful land of Geodia
Harness the Sparklite to fight monsters and titans
Befriend the locals and help build The Refuge
Invent your arsenal to solves puzzles, defeat enemies and become stronger
Save the environment from the greedy Baron
Enjoy intricate pixel art aesthetic and an original soundtrack by composer Dale North (Wizard of Legend) inspired by retro classics

Carefully redesigned for mobile
• Revamped interface
• Achievements
• Cloud Save – Share your progress between Android devices
• Controller support
• No IAP! Pay once to get the full Sparklite experience!

If you experience any issue with Sparklite, please contact our customer support at hello@playdigious.com and give us as much information as possible on your problem.

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Improved Boom Balloon controls.
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  • Money/Unlocked

Sparklite MOD APK v1.7.105 (Money/Unlocked)
Download  Sparklite MOD APK v1.7.105 (Money/Unlocked) 
Mod info:

  • Money/Unlocked

Sparklite APK v1.7.105
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Sparklite MOD APK v1.7.105 (Money/Unlocked)
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Sparklite MOD APK v1.7.105 (Money/Unlocked)
Sparklite 1.7.105 Mod
November 27, 2022 116

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