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Bus Simulator PRO MOD APK v1.9.0 Unlimited Money

Mods Bus Simulator PRO: Buses
  • Updated
  • Version 1.9.0
  • Requirements Android 6.0
  • Developer Sir Studios
  • Genre Simulation
  • Google Play
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Bus Simulator, PRO MOD, APK v1.9.0 ,Unlimited, Money,

Real Bus Simulator Game

Be prepared to create your own ultimate coach bus empire in our latest game which comes with super realistic driving physics, endless customization choices, huge open world and fun addictive gameplay.

Advanced Features

Introduce about Bus Simulator PRO

Bus driving simulation game with a highly realistic and good physics

Became a real bus driver

Bus Simulator PRO turns you into a veteran bus driver, experiencing many different vehicles in turn, conquering and experiencing all bus routes everywhere in the city, witnessing the realistic simulation scenes from the bus station to the modern street. You also have a lot of attractive customization options and enjoy very good physics simulation when playing games. Therefore, among countless driving simulation games in general and buses in particular, Bus Simulator PRO still has its own distinct position.

Bus Simulator, PRO MOD, APK v1.9.0 ,Unlimited, Money,

The city model built-in Bus Simulator PRO is quite complex and highly realistic. The streets are crowded with means of transport, the volume of vehicles changes depending on the time of day, combined with diverse weather conditions: rain, sunshine, wind…

This game also has bus stops at destinations. Each station has full features, follows a certain time, has customers waiting for a crowded bus, each person has their own activity just like in real life. Moreover, in Bus Simulator PRO, with the help of modern AI, for the first time, players will receive direct feedback from passengers through their attitudes and complaints if any.

Customize different buses

Bus Simulator PRO allows you to drive different types of buses. With each vehicle type, you also have the freedom to customize: chassis, color, rims, plating, and paint to create different attractive colors and designs, which will provide more excitement on the road.

Bus Simulator PRO for Android 1440x810

Each type of bus that you in turn can drive, will have a different way of controlling and operating on the road. There are bulky cars, neat cars that easily wriggle through crowded cities. For each type, you will need to self-calibrate your driving method to match, thereby learning many driving styles and driving skills perfect over time.

Diverse viewing angles

In Bus Simulator PRO, you can choose any vehicle you have unlocked, and start driving around the city, freely completing missions to level up and become the best bus driver in the city.

Players can manually adjust the viewing angle as they like. The first-person perspective allows you to get a close-up view of the cockpit, with different controls and consoles for each type of bus. You can drive directly from the steering wheel, observe the street through the car glass, feel the heavy rain on the window, and feel like you are driving a real bus. When choosing a third-person perspective, a set of simulated function buttons will appear below the screen allowing you to navigate, run, brake, reverse, change speed. The view outside also opens up more spacious and airy. Driving the car with this perspective is better, but the control is not as good as the first-person perspective.

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With the ability to freely switch views like that, you can be free to choose the experience to bring enjoyment when playing.

Graphics and sound

This is probably one of the important factors leading to the success of Bus Simulator PRO. Everything in the 3D city of Bus Simulator PRO is rendered as real, from images to sounds. Types of buses as in reality, day-night cycle, simulation of weather conditions, vehicles circulating on the road, real description of bus stations, pedestrians, street traffic sign system. The entire life sound is also displayed in each frame, creating an attractive and highly realistic context for the whole game.

Bus Simulator PRO on APKMODY 1440x810

Bus Simulator PRO’s weather simulation is also very accurate. The exact time of day is included in the game. Driving the bus in the morning will give a different feeling than in the afternoon and evening. Driving in clear, cool weather will also be very different from in the rain, wind, or snow. With each type of weather and time of day, the bus experience that Bus Simulator PRO will also be a little different for players to appreciate the challenge of the context. For example, driving in the rain will be more slippery than normal.

Feel like a driver in Bus Simulator Pro in which we aimed to combine the realism and satisfaction of driving a real coach to create the most sophisticated bus simulator and city bus on mobile with our most advanced physics engine to date.

With the help of our most advanced AI, for the first time ever on mobile, you’ll get the experience live passenger feedback while driving.

Extensive Customization and New City Maps

Design your own in Bus simulator pro to create the best coach bus with the provided countless customization options of vinyls, rims, platings and paint to create your dream city bus simulator in the driving arena.

The vast open world created to test your ultimate drive skills while providing the real coach bus driving gameplay experience on mobile.

Real Atmosphere

Experience the ultimate realism of driving thanks to our improved graphics, day/night cycle, real life sounds and our most refined pedesterian and traffic system to date.

Vast Selection

From classic to iconic concept that were created by our talented designers, pick your favorite one to either drive around the city or freely to complete missions to level up and become the king of the road.

From the creators of Ultimate Car Driving Simulator, comes the best Bus Simulator on mobile. Download it now for free!

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Bus Simulator PRO: Buses
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