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Ryuko MOD APK v1.0.61 (Unlimited Money/God Mode)

Mods Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game
  • Updated
  • Version 1.0.61
  • Requirements Android 5.0
  • Developer Horizon Games Inc
  • Genre Role Playing
  • Google Play
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Ryuko, MOD APK, v1.0.61 ,(Unlimited, Money/God, Mode),

Are you looking for a ninja shadow fight battle game with a blend of ninja warrior and samurai fighting gameplay? Ryuko Rpg is a shadow ninja game packed with five corrupted regions of Kurome, addictive gameplay, epic boss fights, offline battles, and an open world adventure gameplay experience. A last shadow fighter who has returned after twenty years, faces brutal monsters in the lands of feudal Japan in order to find her grandfather.
A realistic offline rpg game, and not a mmorpg and does not require additional download or an active internet connection.

Ryuko Shadow Hunter:Ninja Game
In Feudal Japan there was an region known as Kurome. This was a land of shadow ninja warriors but the people of Kurome were corrupted due to greed and will for more power. They occupied more regions and their darkness was spreading for the greed of more power. Taguchi Sensei was a samurai warrior who went to Kurome to end this corruption but he never came back. Ryuko is a young and brave shadow hunter who enters Kurome in search of Taguchi Sensei ending corruption during her search.

Role-playing games always bring unique stories and this is the perfect game for you to learn and experience. Players will begin to transform into characters in the game and then perform tasks at each level. The game will lead you to the ninja land, where legendary warriors exist and the only way is to fight to survive in this harsh place.

Ryuko, MOD APK, v1.0.61 ,(Unlimited, Money/God, Mode),


To increase the attractiveness of the experience, first, learn about the plot as well as the interesting content that contributes to this game. Ryuko will revolve around the peaceful life of the Ryuko family in the ninja land, but things do not go well when they are not free for long, then the darkness comes when the dark forces are on the way gradually cover this place and find ways to destroy the beautiful land of Kurome.

They gradually became more and more crowded and made the lives of the people a living hell, then, in turn, wreaked havoc on everything. Of course, the Ryuko family was also unlucky to fall into a situation of destruction, but she was the only one who survived and witnessed all the horrifying scenes. You can’t let things continue like this, you are directly playing the role of her and with all your determination and courage, you need to quickly fight to break the curse that is banished to this land.

Ryuko Legend of Shadow Hunter


Now you are the only survivor as well as the last hope of the ninja land, so the responsibility on your shoulders is great and the challenges ahead are not easy. The game is built with the context of medieval Japan, so you will accompany the legendary ninja warrior to save the land of Kurome.

Before officially fighting, the player will assume the role of the main character of the story and begin the journey of a brave female hunter through a third-person perspective. In addition, you need to perform agile operations to be able to control the character, but the opponents will not be easy, so you need to prepare a steel spirit to be ready to defeat them. The fate of the land is in your hands, so be careful to win.

Ryuko Legend of Shadow Hunter


Ryuko gives you many dangerous battles so you will always be in harsh situations because all around are the shadows of the enemy. With gameplay similar to other action games, this game will contain many interesting things that you cannot ignore.

In addition, you will have to operate and move in a rather scary context and always be in a defensive position because the opponent can appear at any time and attack you. The game will need you to use skills and smart tactics to attack while keeping your energy from running low. Most of you will have to face and fight continuously, but don’t worry because this is also a way for you to improve your level.

Ryuko Legend of Shadow Hunter


The challenges will increase with each level, so players will face many difficulties when advancing to higher levels. However, you will have the opportunity to experience more new things when it comes to exciting and dramatic battles. In times of fierce fighting, a weapon is definitely indispensable because it will always support you to win in all areas.

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Understanding the importance of weapons, the game has brought you a rich arsenal of weapons including greatswords, double swords, darts, bows, and more. Completing and conquering important milestones will give you the opportunity to unlock many different weapons, especially the player can use the character’s moves to curse and seal the enemies so they don’t. can dominate more.

Ryuko Legend of Shadow Hunter


  • Transform into one of the most powerful ninja warriors and go back in time to the glorious era in the ninja land, players will learn more about the unique and fascinating storyline
  • The forces of darkness began to come to the land and turn everything upside down and destroy everyone including the Ryuko clan, so you need to quickly become a character to save this land.
  • The game is designed with realistic graphics and attractive gameplay, so you can start your journey and hunt down hidden enemies around and then find a way to destroy them.
  • The challenge increases as you progress to higher levels and you will directly confront powerful enemies so always be careful not to become prey to be chased
  • Weapons always play a very important role, so you always have to take advantage and make full use of them to fight easier as well as complete tasks to unlock more items

Ryuko v1.0.61 MOD APK (Menu/Money, God Mode) Download

Corrupted Regions
Ryuko will be presented with five open world regions. Brutal shadow warrior enemies will be presented in the battlegrounds of these regions. Every regions contains a Hunter’s Castle for resting, character and weapon upgrades. The regions also contains non warrior fictional characters and enemies.
Black Eye Fortress
Game starts in black eye fortress where player learns basic fight mechanics. Player defeats initial enemies and learns about stealth kill, finisher move, uninterrupted attacks, and the use of elixir and special abilities. Players learn to loot weapons, repair and upgrade weapons, and level up character level.

Creek Garden
This is the second region of Kurome. Ryuko faces more brutal shadow warrior enemies in the Creek Garden. Player explores a hunter’s castle, a safe place to rest. Player also faces the first hunter in the battleground of creed garden.

Mangle Woods
A stealth region designed to be played in stealth mode. Player defeats firey demon enemies which can only be killed with stealth attacks from the back. Player needs to follow a strategy using stealth in order to move ahead in this region.

Deserted Castle
Ryuko explores a vast and open region of Kurome here facing a more monsters, ninjas, fiery demons, and hunters.

Ministry Town
Ryuko faces ministry hunters in battle arenas of this region. All the ministry hunters needed to be defeated in order to free Taguchi Sensei.

Throughout the game, you will encounter detailed characters, discover landmarks, and uncover the hidden beauty of Kurome. You will use different kinds of swords, elixir, and skills to defeat different kind of enemies This will be a perfect battleground for mixing and matching ninja assassin and shadow fighting game skills.

Epic Boss Fights
This role playing ninja game makes you play as a last shadow warrior who faces epic boss fights in the lands of tremendous breadth and beauty. Every enemy AI is different and requires a particular strategy to defeat them. Trained in the ways of legend shadow warrior, Ryuko’s eventual aim is to play as brave shadow fighter, rescue your grandfather, and end the corruption.

Character selection
Many boss enemies
Many types of swords
Many types of elixir
Stealth mode
Death move
Fast travel
Realistic battlegrounds

For the fans of Japanese rpg offline fighting games
This action rpg is finest sword fighting offline games with samurai warrior enemies. If you like challenging games and are looking for offline non mmorpg game with realistic graphics, this is what you are looking for. Download for free now and experience the fun of pure fighting gameplay.

We are constantly improving this game, to show your support your feedback will be highly appreciated.
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- Breakables interaction fixed
- Improved map and levels
- Game size reduced to less than 100Mb
Ninja Ryuko: Shadow Ninja Game
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